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Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn more about Vinyl Gourmet?

Please read the information provided in the pages from our Information section, this can be found on the bottom of the left side column.


For any questions or suggestions please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Why are images blocked in emails sent by Vinyl Gourmet?

Most email client programs today block all images that are embedded from an external URL/Server in the email body, the most effective and commonly used method to do so.

You can click to dowload blocked content for each received email, but there are two ways to resolve this issue permanently: you can either configure your email client software or online service to display images by turning on that feature in the application options, or you can add our email address to the Safe Senders list of your email client.

By doing this, images will display as expected by default.

Do you accept Direct Special Orders for items that are not part of the store catalog?


Yes, if you're looking for something that is not part of our online catalog there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy Vinyl Gourmet quality of service. There is probably no vinyl record or box set in print today that we cannot order for our customers, contact us to get the best price quote for any Vinyl LP Record and an estimated delivery time for your special Direct Order.

if you're looking for something that is not listed in our store, you can order directly from Vinyl Gourmet any item that is available from our suppliers worldwide, to do so you should:

- To make order tracking easier and to keep all transactions safe, you should create and keep a registered User Account here at Vinyl Gourmet with your email, name, address and if possible a phone number where we can reach you.

- Regarding the items you want to order, please contact us by email at info@vinylgourmet.com or calling our Phone Number, to ask us about product availability, price and estimate time for delivery. Please provide artist name and album title, and any other details that might help us identify the records you're looking for.

- In cases when several versions of the same album exist on vinyl, and if the customer is unsure about which one to order, we can also advise on what is the better option in terms of production and sound quality.



How long can it take for Bank Wire Transfer completion? When will you ship the order?


All orders are considered valid and will be processed ater payment is received, regardless of payment method.


For Bank Wire Transfer payments, it can take up to 3 working days or 72 hours for the payment to arrive at our bank account, that is the same for national transfers from Portuguese customers or for international transfers from our customers in Europe whose countries are part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) agreement.

For this reason it is most important that you make the payment as fast as possible, using online banking or a public ATM machine, and using the banking details we provided when you fnished your order on our store. As soon as the transfer is concluded and we receive your payment, your order status will be updated and you'll receive an email with that status update.


Any relevant change or update to your order will generate an Order Status update and an email to let you know. This happens when you place the order, when payment is received, when we start preparing your order, when the order is ready to ship, when it is shipped, and finally when we have a tracking code associated with your order.

How long does it take to process and ship orders for items that are in stock?


Vinyl Gourmet is a small and unique family business, our specialty is quality of products and services, not speed. We are Gourmet after all, not fast food. Things are done with knowledge, love and dedication to make sure your order is taken care of properly. That being said, of course we try to process orders as fast as possible.

After the order is validated and payment received, our goal is to process and ship all in stock items in 4 days under normal conditions, or within 8 days depending on current workload. If we're really busy during extremelly high demand period, order processing can take up to 10 days.

You will receive order status updates by email as it's being processed, so be sure those emails are not going to spam/junk folder automatically without you knowing. Order updates include: Order Placed - Payment Received - Order Being Prepared - Order Packed And Ready To Ship - Order Shipped and Tracking Number.

Can I visit your store at the address you provide online to buy records?

Yes you can! The Vinyl Gourmet Showroom was created to receive customers and provide a great in-store experience. Get in touch with us to schedule a visit!

In addition to our Showroom, we also provide the option for our customers to visit us for the personal Pick Up in Store option at our company office at the address we published online, you can schedule a day/time to come by and pick up your records in person.


Click here for more details about The Vinyl Gourmet Showroom

Click here for more details about our delivery options

If I select the option to Pickup In-Store, can I make payment when I collect the order in person? What payment methods are available in-store?

Yes, you can order online and pay here at our company office when you come by to pick up your order, to do so please complete your order as usual selecting the option to "Pick Up In-Store" and the option to pay with "Bankwire transfer" during Checkout, after that you can make payment with one of the following options:


  • Bankwire Transfer (before you come by to pick up your order)


  • In cash (please bring the correct final amount)


Please consider the expected time for payment should not exceed 5 days for any delivery or payment method that you choose. If you plan to come by to pick up your order but it will take more than 5 days after the order is made you should make previous payment with Bankwire Transfer.


Can you keep my orders until it's more convenient for me to pick them up in-store or receive them by mail? Is it possible to make cumulative orders?

Yes we can!* It's a Vinyl Gourmet service called Cumulative Orders for later delivery or pick up in store.

Some customers, who cannot receive or collect orders for a certain time period, or who simply prefer to gather a larger quantity of items to benefit from combined shipping with lower shipping costs per unit, can choose to make cumulative orders for later delivery or pick up in store.

It's very simple to use this service option, the customer makes online orders as usual, adding items to the shopping cart e finishing the checkout with payment as would normally do, but making sure to select the delivery option "Recolha em mãos na nossa Sede", in this way (and for the cases where mail shipping is wanted) there is no immediate payment of shipping costs for these orders, that is something to be taken care of at a later stage.

For each order you must let us know as soon as possible by email,  or using the free comments field during the checkout on step 3 right under the address, that you want to make this order cumulative with other orders made previously or to be made in the future, so that we know we should keep your records for later delivery/collection.

When it's more convenient for you all you need to do is contact us, by email or by phone, to let us know that you are ready to come by and collect yor order or to have it shipped to your address. For cases of mail shipping, we make the necessary weight/cost calculations and send you the cost of shipping that you need to pay for the combined shipping of all the cumulative orders made up to that point.

This allows you to receive orders when it's better for you, you can make orders when it's a better moment to buy regardless of it being a good or bad time for you when it comes to delivery / collection of your order. Additionaly, usually the combined shipping of larger quantities of items can result in lower shipping rates per unit.

This is another free service with Vinyl Gourmet quality, your records will be stored isolated from the rest of our stock and in perfect conditions, as if they were part of our own private collection, in quality shelves that are adequate for vinyl storage, placed vertically and in controlled temperature and humidity climate environment, that is we guarantee that your records are stored perfectly until you come by to pick them up or until it's time to ship them to your address, like we always do with all the items we provide.

*Currently available in the online store only for customers in Portugal, if you're outside of Portugal and would like to use this special service please contact us directly by email and we'll let you know how to proceed.

Is International Tax Free Shopping available for customers outside of the European Union?


Vinyl Gourmet offers a Tax Free policy for non-EU customers on international sales, this means that for any orders shipped to non-EU countries there is no VAT charge on prices of products or services from Vinyl Gourmet, in accordance with international regulations.

If you're visiting our store from a country that is not part of the European Union you should already be seeing Tax Free product prices, the store can determine the origin of its visitors to show the correct information. However this process might not be 100% accurate, to ensure you are seeing Tax Free prices according to the country where the products are to be shipped, please create a user account with delivery address information and login with your Username / Password combination, that way you are guaranteed to see the correct Tax Free prices as long as you are logged in.

Enjoy Tax Free shopping with Vinyl Gourmet! Thank you!

Information for UK customers - Imports after Brexit - Vat & Duty



Information for UK customers - Imports after Brexit - Vat & Duty


We are delighted to continue to serve our many and loyal customers in the United Kingdom, thank you very much!


Since January 2021, after the UK left the European Union, all shipments from Portugal to the UK are considered imports.


Vinyl Gourmet does not charge or add any taxes on sales to the UK, these are VAT Free transactions. This means you might be charged VAT, taxes, fees and import duties, depending on the value of your order, when it arrives in the UK.


What does this mean and how does it affect delivery of my order? Please check list below:



1 - When placing an order at Vinyl Gourmet you must provide a phone contact.


Local authorities in the UK might need to contact you to process your order at customs. An email and phone information are mandatory to ensure they can reach you to collect information or taxes related to your shipment.



2 - You have to be reachable and responsive by phone and email if they try to contact you.


Local authorities in the UK might need to contact you to process your order, if they try to call, write or email you and they can't reach you, your package will be returned after a certain period of time (usually no more than 10 days).



3 - You have to be aware of shipment location to ensure you know if they try to contact you.


You are responsible for tracking the shipment at CTT Portugal website, and Royal Mail (for registered mail) or Parcel Force (for larger parcels) websites using their online tracking service once the package enters UK territory. You have to make sure you are aware of the package location and are responsible to confirm if Royal Mail or Parcel Force have tried to reach you by mail, phone or letter concerning any customs processing issues or duty/tax payments.


We've had cases where Royal Mail and Parcel Force tried to reach the buyer by mail or other means but couldn't get a response resulting the return of the package to the sender in Portugal. The customer is required to keep track of these procedures on the UK side, if they tried to reach you it will show on the tracking details, you'll have to contact them to learn what happened.



4 - You are responsible for the payment of taxes, fees, duty, if required by your local authorities.


Finally, the customer is responsible for the payment of any duty, taxes or fees associated with the import of goods into the UK.




We at Vinyl Gourmet cannot accept returned packages due to unclaimed customs object or unpaid duty/taxes/fees, it's not possible to issue a refund in such scenario. Failure to comply with any of these requirements 1, 2, 3 and 4 voids your right to a refund or valid return.



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