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The Vinyl Gourmet store provides Realtime accurate Stock Status information that you can trust and rely on.

These are the possible primary Stock Status:

In Stock (Green - Ready To Ship): The item is in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Out of Stock (Red - Item cannot be ordered): The item is out of stock and it's not available to order.

Out of Stock (Yellow - Item can be ordered): The item is currently out of stock but it is possible to place an order.

*Important note about the Yellow Stock Status*

Items with Yellow Stock Status are in one of these situations (or both):

1- Items that are not in stock but can be ordered using our online store, these will be requested from our suppliers when someone buys them with indication of an estimate time for delivery/shipping.

2- Items that are not in stock but will be in stock soon in our online store (even if nobody bought them), they are backordered from our suppliers and will arrive soon to become available in our store.

When in doubt, if you'd like to confirm if we are expecting to receive units of any item with Yellow Stock Status, please contact us.

Further information about stock status:

When a product is Out of Stock (and available to order or not) there are four possible scenarios or secondary status that might be shown in the product details:

Coming Soon: Usually this refers to a product that we have on backorder from our suppliers. This might be for products that are already released or for products that will be released in the very near future. If it's not a new product it just means more stock is already on the way.

To be Announced (TBA): This refers to products that have been confirmed by the manufacturer or by the label but have not been released yet and there is no officially known release date. This usually applies to pre-orders, or simply to let you know about future releases.

Expected On: This is basically the same as the Coming Soon or To Be Announced status, but in this case we can provide an accurate estimate of the date when this product will be available and In Stock at the store.

Ships in x - x Weeks (Yellow Stock Status): This means the product can be ordered and placed on Backorder, it is not in stock but it's Available to Order from our suppliers. Expected Shipping Time is provided here in weeks.

All orders of all types, placed using the online Store, require payment when the order is placed and the checkout process is completed. For other ways to make your order, please contact us by email or phone.






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