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Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat 3LP 45rpm Vinil 180g VR900-Supreme 1STEP Caixa Impex RTI USA

Artista: Jennifer Warnes
Título: Famous Blue Raincoat
Número de Catálogo: IMP6033-1
Editora: Cypress Records
Reeditado por: Impex Records
Código de Barras: 856276002336
Edição: Impex 1STEP VR900-Supreme Vinyl
Ano da edição original: 1986
Ano da reedição: 2023
Quantidade de discos: 3
Rotações por minuto: 45 rpm
Tamanho do disco: 12"
Gramagem do Vinil: 180gr
Edição Limitada: Sim
Edição Numerada: Sim
Peso Total do Artigo: 1800gr
País prensagem: USA
Produzido para o Mercado de: USA
Adicionado ao catálogo em: 19 Fevereiro, 2024
Nota: Nunca elegível para descontos adicionais
Vinyl Gourmet Club: Não


Preço Unitário: 192,19 €

Referência: IMPX4506BX

Disponibilidade: Em Stock Pronto Para Envio


Em 1986 Jennifer Warnes gravou uma interpretação memorável de algumas das melhores canções de Leonard Cohen. O album Famous Blue Raincoat permanece como uma referência da música pop Americana até aos nossos dias. A gravação é tão perfeita como a música, realizada impecavelmente por alguns dos melhores músicos e engenheiros, muito popular entre os apaixonados do bom som e música de qualidade.



  • Edição Estritamente Limitada
  • Prensagem de 7500 Unidades Numeradas
  • Processamento 1STEP
  • 3LP Vinil 180 Gramas 45rpm
  • Prensado em Vinil VR900-Supreme
  • Corte a partir das fitas master mix-down analógicas originais
  • Corte por Bernie Grundman
  • Capa Deluxe Quad-Fold com novo design e fotos
  • Caixa slip case exclusiva
  • Inclui livrete elegante com 24 páginas
  • Inclui todo o material extra da celebrada edição Cisco/Impex 45rpm



1STEP Process 180g 45rpm Triple LP Pressed on VR900-Supreme Vinyl!

Cut Using Original Analog Masters from the 1986 digital recordings by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering!

Strictly Limited To 7,500 Numbered Pressings!

Lacquers cut by Bernie Grundman from Jennifer's original 1986 analog mix-down master tapes. Each set of lacquers is used for short runs of 500 to optimize detail, dynamics, and soundstage. Doing this required Bernie to cut over 100 lacquers throughout the 1STEP production cycle!

Impex Records is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Jennifer Warnes' seminal audiophile classic with our ultimate collaboration. This authorized production of Famous Blue Raincoat is getting the complete Impex 1STEP treatment! After Bernie Grundman cuts the last lacquers, Jennifer's analog mixdown master tapes will return to the vault for good.

We have always treasured our work with Ms. Warnes, from the original Famous Blue Raincoat 45 Box, The Well, The Hunter, and her latest LP, Another Time, Another Place. This ultimate release celebrates Jennifer's singular legacy of musical excellence with exceptional craft in coordination with the original production team of Jennifer, C. Roscoe Beck, and Bernie Grundman.

For FBR's ultimate Impex release, we return to Jennifer's first-generation analog mixdown master tapes (from the original digital recordings) and let Bernie work his magic within the laborious 1STEP mastering process on BG Mastering's tube-cutting lathe. We will cut as many refs and test pressings as needed to get the quietest surfaces and intimate detailing. Final discs will be pressed at RTI on VR-900 super vinyl, illuminating every note and nuance of this cherished masterwork.

The three 1STEP LPs and the elegant new 24-page booklet are housed in a deluxe four-sleeve Monster Pack tip-on jacket and booklet with metallic accents and spot gloss applications. Even if you have every version of this pop classic, you will find considerable value and benefits on this unbeatable production!

The 1STEP Process: The Impex 1STEP process relies on short, tightly controlled runs that require a new lacquer after each run of 500 pressings. This unforgiving format has the lacquer skipping the regular father-mother process, going right to a single convert and then pressing. Though this dramatically increases mastering and production costs, it also assures each run is more consistent from disc to disc, with less noise, clearer details, and deeper bass.

Reducing production complexity to just a single "convert" disc between the lacquer and the press greatly improves groove integrity, diminishes non-fill anomalies, and increases signal integrity from the master tape to your system.

Impex Records' new 1STEP reissue of Famous Blue Raincoat updates an already superb recording, offering improved levels of clarity and musicality that simply defy belief. None of the added music is fluff—everything here is totally worth the price of admission, and the improved groove geometry afforded by the 1STEP's 45 rpm sides is further enhanced by Neotech's superb VR900BK1 vinyl. When you add the excellent packaging to the already impressive aural considerations, purchasing this set becomes a no-brainer. I give Impex's new 1STEP box of Famous Blue Raincoat my very highest recommendation! - Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback

The deep black quiet background, the extreme transparency, and the expansive soundstage and three dimensionally of all the instruments and Jennifer's vocals took a clear step forward. Bass performance was thunderous. Highs were beautifully reproduced and well extended. Mids were glorious. Tone, timbre and pace were more realistic than ever! These improvements were immediately apparent and did make a difference! There was so much information and musicality to this pressing, that I could not get if off the turntable for several weeks. I was hooked! If you ever need help to communicate what an audiophile pressing is all about to a beginning hobbyist, this is the pressing to do it!... Highly recommended! - Robert S. Youman, Positive Feedback



Lista de Faixas:


Lado A:
First We Take Manhattan
Bird on a Wire
Famous Blue Raincoat

Lado B:
Joan of Arc
Ain't No Cure for Love

Lado C:
Coming Back to You
Song of Bernadette
A Singer Must Die

Lado D:
Came So Far for Beauty
Night Comes On

Lado E:
The Ballad of the Runaway Horse
If It Be Your Will
A Singer Must Die (8-track Analog Demo Version)

Lado F:
Joan of Arc (Live)


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Made In Japan - Discos de Vinil Japoneses
Blue Note Records 80º Aniversário
Acoustic Sounds Series
Colecção: Analogue Productions UHQR
Edição: MoFi UltraDisc One-Step UD1S


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