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Miles Davis Nefertiti 2LP Vinil 180g Edição Limitada Numerada 45rpm Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL USA

Miles Davis Nefertiti 2LP Vinil 180g Edição Limitada Numerada 45rpm Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL USA Maximizar
Artista: Miles Davis
Título: Nefertiti
Número de Catálogo: MFSL 2-436
Editora: Columbia
Reeditado por: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Código de Barras: 821797243612
Edição: Série de Restauro Miles Davis MFSL
Ano da edição original: 1968
Ano da reedição: 2014
Quantidade de discos: 2
Rotações por minuto: 45 rpm
Tamanho do disco: 12"
Gramagem do Vinil: 180gr
Edição Limitada: Sim
Edição Numerada: Sim
Peso Total do Artigo: 669gr
País prensagem: USA
Produzido para o Mercado de: USA
Adicionado ao catálogo em: 17 Novembro, 2014
Colecção: MFSL Original Master Recording
Nota: Nunca elegível para descontos adicionais
Vinyl Gourmet Club: Sim


Preço Unitário: 66,09 €

Referência: MF452436GF

Disponibilidade: Em Stock Pronto Para Envio


Nefertiti, quase todo escrito por Wayne Shorter e Herbie Hancock, foi a última gravação acústica do segundo quinteto clássico de Miles Davis. Editado a seguir a Sorcerer partilha muitas características subtis com o seu predecessor mas com maior ênfase no ritmo e atmosfera mais exploratória. Um album incrível, remasterizado a partir das Master Tapes Analógicas Originais, soa melhor do que nunca!



Miles Davis MFSL MoFi 180gr Vinyl Reissues



  • Edição Limitada
  • Edição Numerada
  • 2LP Vinil 180gr 45rpm de Alta Definição prensado na RTI USA
  • Masterização no Gain 2 Ultra Analog System
  • Masterização Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
  • Masterizado a partir das Master Tapes Analógicas Originais
  • Masterizado por Krieg Wunderlich e Shawn Britton
  • Capas interiores especiais antiestáticas
  • Capa Gatefold Deluxe



1/4" / 15 IPS analog master to DSD 256 to analog console to lathe

Nefertiti will always be known as the final all-acoustic record made by Miles Davis' classic second quintet. A thematic bookend to the preceding Sorcerer, it shares much in common with its equally nuanced predecessor yet deviates by way of its focus on rhythm and exploratory soundscapes. The low-key music blooms with colorful bouquets of shadings, gradations, and overtones that on Mobile Fidelity's analog edition bring listeners to closer to the creative passions than ever before.

Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed on 180g 45RPM vinyl at RTI, this collectable audiophile version of Nefertiti joins the ranks of other essential Davis records given supreme sonic and packaging treatment by Mobile Fidelity. Afforded supreme dynamics and full-range extension, cyclical melodies resonate with a moody character and ambience normally only heard in small jazz clubs. Instrumental pitch, too, is spot-on accurate, a measuring stick for how all acoustic-based passages should be experienced.

As he does on Sorcerer, Davis again cedes all compositional duties to his all-star band mates and focuses on his trumpet. Familiar albeit slightly dissonant, rooted in hard bop yet signaling the onset of fusion, the songs are grounded in inquisitive interplay and subconscious impressionism. Nefertiti reveals fresh devices and new directions every time you visit its cerebral worlds. And while each musician is given ample room to solo, the effort stands as an example of groupthink in that no individual stands out or shows off. The groundbreaking title track—during which the horn section recurrently repeats the melody as drummer Tony Williams and bassist Ron Carter improvise, thus inverting the conventional sense of a rhythm section—shines as a textbook example of such chemistry and unity.

Throughout, the players' confidence, and Davis' trust in them, stamps every piece with rare self-assurance and authoritativeness. In particular, Williams and Carter bring rhythms to the forefront as the horns hypnotize and Herbie Hancock's piano points in several different directions like a compass gone crazy. Responsible for “Madness” and “Riot,” Hancock contributes brief bursts of speed and slight aggression, but on a record on which complexity and introspection take precedent over blowing hot, the aural steam ultimately becomes opportunity for burrowing into unpredictable turns and deep grooves.

Indeed, the thrilling sense of interplay and inclination of the ensemble to keep searching, moving forward in a concerted manner to uncover then-unheard jazz discoveries, marks Nefertiti as one of Davis' quintessential efforts. For historians, it's the signpost to the pioneering fusion the leader would begin to pursue with greater commitment on the record's follow-up, Miles in the Sky. For the rest of us, the album is music and music-making at its intriguing best.



Miles Davis, trompete
Wayne Shorter, sax tenor
Herbie Hancock, piano
Ron Carter, contrabaixo
Tony Williams, bateria

Track Listing:

LP 1 Lado A
1. Nefertiti
2. Fall

LP 1 Lado B
1. Hand Jive

LP 2 Lado C
1. Madness

LP 2 Lado D:
1. Riot
2. Pinocchio


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Impex 1STEP VR900-Supreme Vinyl
Blue Note Records 80º Aniversário
Acoustic Sounds Series
Colecção: Analogue Productions UHQR
Edição: MoFi UltraDisc One-Step UD1S


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