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Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual LP Vinil Mobile Fidelity Edição Limitada Numerada MFSL RTI USA

Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual LP Vinil Mobile Fidelity Edição Limitada Numerada MFSL RTI USA Maximizar
Artista: Cyndi Lauper
Título: She's So Unusual
Número de Catálogo: MOFI 1-027
Editora: Portrait
Reeditado por: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Código de Barras: 821797100274
Ano da edição original: 1983
Ano da reedição: 2012
Quantidade de discos: 1
Rotações por minuto: 33⅓ rpm
Tamanho do disco: 12"
Edição Limitada: Sim
Edição Numerada: Sim
Peso Total do Artigo: 491gr
País prensagem: USA
Produzido para o Mercado de: USA
Adicionado ao catálogo em: 17 Fevereiro, 2022
Colecção: MFSL Silver Label Series
Nota: Nunca elegível para descontos adicionais
Vinyl Gourmet Club: Não


Preço Unitário: 38,37 €

Referência: MF331027GF

Disponibilidade: Em Stock Pronto Para Envio


Nenhuma artista feminina teve uma estreia tão adequada à dinâmica da MTV e a junção inteligente de política feminista, refrões poderosos e uma imagem vibrante, como She's So Unusual de Cyndi Lauper. Muito antes de Lady Gaga, e antes de Madonna mostrar jeitos semelhantes a punk, a nativa de Nova Iorque arrebatou com uma nova vaga de pop comercial cheio de confiança exuberante.



  • Edição Limitada Numerada
  • Masterizado por Paul Stubblebine
  • MoFi Silver Label Vinyl Series
  • Masterizado no Gain 2 Ultra Analog System da MFSL
  • Sistema de masterização MFSL desenhado por Tim de Paravicini
  • Prensado em Vinil Audiófilo na RTI USA
  • Capa Gatefold Deluxe



1/2" 30 IPS Analog Copy to Analog Console to Lathe

Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual on Numbered Edition LP from Mobile Fidelity Silver Label.

She Bop: 1984 Commercial Blockbuster Combines Mainstream Hooks, Self-Assertive Confidence, and Whimsical Attitude.

A True Original: Lauper Bridges Rebellious New-Wave, Giddy Pop, and Girlish Vocals: Includes Top 5 Anthems “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Time After Time”.

Back on Vinyl for 1st Time in Decades: Mastered on Mobile Fidelity’s World-Renowned Mastering System and Pressed at RTI.

Forget, for a moment, about the gypsy clothes, raspberry-pink hair, costume jewelry, and hyperactive behavior. No female artist’s debut better epitomized MTV’s vivid heyday and the smart intersection of self-reliant female politics, savvy hooks, and vibrant imagery than Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual. Long before Lady Gaga, and before Madonna embraced any traits resembling punk, the New York native ushered in a new wave of commercial pop while flaunting an exuberant confidence that, overnight, influenced a generation to dye their hair and embrace life with newfound vibrancy. Girls, indeed, just wanted to have fun.

Mastered on Mobile Fidelity’s internationally acclaimed mastering system and pressed at RTI, this Silver Label LP rescues the music from long-standing harshness and disadvantageous brittleness. Back on vinyl for the first time in decades, the multi-platinum 1984 blockbuster sounds completely anew, possessing crisper beats, a fleshed-out midrange, no artificial ceilings, and a clear alleyway to Lauper’s girlish voice. Finally, the sonics possess the wide spectrum of colors that flavor the songs.

Helmed by the anthem “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” She’s So Unusual transformed pop culture by way of Lauper’s charismatic personality, whimsical attitude, lively performances, unique timbre, witty humor, and unabated passion. Throughout, she’s a whirlwind of emotion and cyclone of spirit, tackling insouciant party tracks with the same verve she sings arresting ballads. And while for most it would be a deterrent, Lauper sculpts her chirpy, bop-friendly voice to her advantage, underscoring each song’s combination of sentimentality and seditiousness.

“With a voice that combined the cartoon soul of Little Eva and the wink-wink naughtiness of Betty Boop, Lauper may have backed away from the depth or urgency of the writers whose work she mainstreamed, but her transformation of their power into sheer pop was ultimately subversive—giggling all the way, she incited legions of mall rats into orange-hair rebellion and a measure of self-assertion,” wrote Paul Evans for The New Rolling Stone Album Guide, hinting at the record’s normally unseen depth.

Whether viewed as a subversive new-wave crossover statement or simply as a celebratory declaration of individualism (or, both), She’s So Unusual is an 80s landmark and influential harbinger of the role women would play in both rock and pop.



Lista de Faixas:


01. Money Changes Everything
02. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
03. When You Were Mine
04. Time After Time
05. She Bop
06. All Through the Night
07. Witness
08. I'll Kiss You
09. He's So Unusual
10. Yeah Yeah



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