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Jon Hendricks Fast Livin' Blues 2LP 45rpm Vinil 180g Bernie Grundman Edição Limitada Numerada ORG USA

Artista: Jon Hendricks
Título: Fast Livin' Blues
Número de Catálogo: ORG 121
Editora: Columbia
Reeditado por: ORG Original Recordings Group
Código de Barras: 858492002213
Ano da edição original: 1962
Ano da reedição: 2013
Quantidade de discos: 2
Rotações por minuto: 45 rpm
Tamanho do disco: 12"
Gramagem do Vinil: 180gr
Edição Limitada: Sim
Edição Numerada: Sim
Peso Total do Artigo: 665gr
País prensagem: USA
Produzido para o Mercado de: USA
Adicionado ao catálogo em: 27 Janeiro, 2018
Nota: Nunca elegível para descontos adicionais
Vinyl Gourmet Club: Não


Preço Unitário (c/ IVA): 68,77 €

Referência: ORG45121GF

Disponibilidade: Em Stock Pronto Para Envio

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Jon Hendricks ajudou a criar o vocalese, que é a arte de juntar vozes a linhas intrumentais, e substituir intrumentos com sons vocais. Também é considerado um dos melhores executantes do estilo scat. O crítico e historiador de jazz Leonard Feather chamou-lhe o 'Poeta Laureado do Jazz'. Al Jarreau chamou-lhe o 'melhor cantor jazz do planeta, a todos os níveis - talvez o melhor de todos os tempos'.



TAS Super LP List - The Absolut Sound


  • Edição Limitada
  • Edição Numerada
  • 2LP Vinil 180 Gramas 45rpm
  • Prensagem Audiófila na RTI USA
  • Masterizado por Bernie Grundman
  • Corte a partir das Master Tapes Analógicas Originais
  • Capa Gatefold Laminada Deluxe



Bluesman Jon Hendricks is in Superb Form Here! Featuring such Major Sidemen as Pony Poindexter and Billy Mitchell, this Spirited Album is Essential to Any Audiophile's Collection!

Jon Hendricks helped to originate vocalese, which is an art form of adding lyrics to existing instrumentals and replacing instruments with vocalists. He is also considered to be one of the best scat performers. Jazz critic and historian Leonard Feather called him the "Poet Laureate of Jazz". Al Jarreau has called him "pound-for-pound the best jazz singer on the planet - maybe that's ever been".

After his service in the Army during World War II, Hendricks attended the University of Toledo as a pre-law major. Just as he was about to enter the graduate law program, his G.I. benefits ran out, which forced him to choose a different career path. Recalling that Charlie Parker had encouraged him to come to New York two years earlier to look him up, Hendricks took him up on his offer and moved there and began his singing career. In 1968, he moved his family to London, England to further his solo career and so his five children could receive a better education.

"Qualities one associates with the jazz vocal group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - swing, hipness, and witty, offbeat lyrics - were very much in evidence when band member Jon Hendricks released Fast Livin' Blues in 1962. A looser approach, however, allowed more room for the instrumentalists to both stretch out and insert perfectly-timed fills with an air of spontaneity... For someone who has the blues in all kinds of ways, the front man sure seems to be having a good time, spinning tales of friendship, fast living, and fish fries that will inspire smiles more than sadness. Again I applaud Original Recordings Group for picking a less-than-obvious title that well deserves a reassessment and for capturing a natural sound on noise-free 180-gram 45rpm pressings. Every time the horn section kicks in, it's exquisite - rich, sweet-sounding brass in all its glory." - Jeff Wilson, The Absolute Sound




Jon Hendricks, voz
Pony Poindexter, sax soprano & tenor
Billy Mitchell, sax tenor
Joe Newman, trompete
Al Grey, trombone
Gildo Mahones, piano
Stu Martin, bateria


Lista de Faixas:

LP 1 Lado A
1. What Would You Do?
2. Fast Livin' Blues

LP 1 Lado B
1. Saturday Night Fish Fry
2. Do You Call That A Buddy

LP 2 Lado C
1. I'll Die Happy
2. Another Get Together
3. Good Old Lady

LP 2 Lado D
1. Contemporary Blues
2. Stop and Go Blues
3. I Never Get Enough Of You






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