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The Cranberries Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We? LP Vinil 180gr Analog Spark QRP 2017 USA

Artista: The Cranberries
Título: Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We?
Número de Catálogo: AS00033
Editora: Island Records
Reeditado por: Analog Spark
Código de Barras: 888072021358
Ano da edição original: 1993
Ano da reedição: 2017
Quantidade de discos: 1
Rotações por minuto: 33⅓ rpm
Tamanho do disco: 12"
Gramagem do Vinil: 180gr
Edição Limitada: Sim
Peso Total do Artigo: 481gr
País prensagem: USA
Produzido para o Mercado de: USA
Adicionado ao catálogo em: 16 Julho, 2017
Nota: Nunca elegível para descontos adicionais
Vinyl Gourmet Club: Não


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Preço Unitário: 33,00 €

Referência: AS330033GF

Disponibilidade: Em Breve


Pela primeira vez disponível em vinil depois de mais de 24 anos fora de produção. Masterizado a partir das fitas stereo originais por Sean Magee nos Abbey Road Studios, este LP 180 gramas é prensado na QRP dos EUA. Com músicas como Linger e Dreams, o album de estreia dos Cranberries de 1993 vendeu mais de 5 milhões de cópias nos EUA e foi número 1 nas tabelas dos principais países.



  • Edição Limitada
  • Vinil Audiófilo 180 Gramas
  • Prensagem na QRP, USA
  • Masterizado a partir das Fitas Originais
  • Corte por Sean Magee nos Abbey Road Studios
  • Capa Gatefold da Stoughton Printing



Renowned for their trademark indie guitar sound and distinctive Celtic tinged lilting vocal style, The Cranberries rise to global fame in the early-90s was nothing short of meteoric. Home to the omnipresent singles "Linger" and "Dreams," their 1993 debut album Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? It re-entered the UK album charts in 1994 at No. 1, with The Cranberries being one of only four performers ever to achieve this major feat.

"Title aside, what the Cranberries were doing wasn't that common at the time, at least in mainstream pop terms; grunge and G-funk had done their respective big splashes via Nirvana and Dr. Dre when Everybody came out first in the U.K. and then in America some months later. Lead guitarist Noel Hogan is in many ways the true center of the band at this point, co-writing all but three songs with O'Riordan and showing an amazing economy in his playing, and having longtime Smiths/Morrissey producer Stephen Street behind the boards meant that the right blend of projection and delicacy still held sway. One can tell he likes Johnny Marr and his ability to do the job just right: check out the quick strums and blasts on "Pretty" or the concluding part of the lovely "Waltzing Back." O'Riordan herself offers up a number of romantic ponderings and considerations lyrically (as well as playing perfectly fine acoustic guitar), and her undisputed vocal ability suits the material perfectly. The two best cuts were the deserved smashes: "Dreams," a brisk, charging number combining low-key tension and full-on rock, and the melancholic, string-swept break-up song "Linger." If Everybody is in the end a derivative pleasure -- and O'Riordan's vocal acrobatics would never again be so relatively calm in comparison -- a pleasure it remains nonetheless, the work of a young band creating a fine little synthesis." - Ned Raggett, All Music



Lista de Faixas:

Lado A
1. I Still Do
2. Dreams
3. Sunday
4. Pretty
5. Waltzing Back
6. Not Sorry

Lado B
1. Linger
2. Wanted
3. Still Can't...
4. I Will Always
5. How
6. Put Me Down


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