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The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds LP 180g Vinyl Mort Garson John Peel Pure Pleasure Records Pallas 2016 EU

The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds LP 180g Vinyl Mort Garson John Peel Pure Pleasure Records Pallas 2016 EU Maximize
Artist: The Zodiac
Title: Cosmic Sounds
Catalog Number: PPAN EKS74009
Label: Elektra
Reissued by: Pure Pleasure Records
Barcode: 5060149622506
Original release year: 1967
Reissue year: 2016
Number of discs: 1
Revolutions per minute: 33⅓ rpm
Disc size: 12"
Vinyl Weight Grade: 180gr
Limited Edition: Yes
Total Item Weight: 306gr
Pressing country: Germany
For Market Release in: EU
Added to catalog on: January 18, 2017
Note: Not eligible for any further discounts
Vinyl Gourmet Club: No


Unit Price: 25,03 €

Reference: PL334009JK

Availability: In Stock & Ready to Ship

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Absolutely essential Peel favourite Psych masterpiece now back on Vinyl taken from the Analog Masters with the best sound ever. A conceptual Psychedelic collaboration by Mort Garson, this album released by Elektra in 1967 was heavily played by John Peel on his Perfumed Garden shows. The 12-track concept album featured both music and spoken narration on the theme of signs of the zodiac.



  • Limited Edition
  • Audiophile 180 Gram Vinyl
  • Pressed at Pallas in Germany
  • Cut by Ray Staff at AIR Mastering
  • Cut from Analog Masters



Absolutely essential Peel favorite Psych masterpiece now back on Vinyl taken from Analogue Masters and like you’ve never heard it before… A Conceptual Psychedelic Collaboration by MORT GARSON

This album was released on the ELEKTRA label in August 1967 in the U.K. It was heavily played by John Peel on his Perfumed Garden shows, where he used it as a basis for a competition (He had been sent a copy by Clive Selwood, the then head of Elektra’s London office and later to become Peel’s manager). The LP was extremely popular with Perfumed Garden listeners and was mentioned in the lyrics of Geoffrey Prowse’s fan tribute to the program, “The Perfumed Garden Blues, or John Peel’s lament”. ''He played the Mothers of Invention and the Velvet Underground. He played some freaky music called the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds..."

The 12-track concept album featured both music and spoken narration on the theme of signs of the zodiac. Based on an initial idea by Elektra chief Jac Holzman, it was a collaborative effort with music written by Mort Garson, words by Jacques Wilson, and narration by Cyrus Faryar. The early use of the Moog synthesizer was by Paul Beaver. There was no artist called either The Zodiac or Cosmic Sounds, a fact which confused some buyers of the LP. The back sleeve informed listeners that the record "MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK".

In 1994, Peel played the LP again in full over three months on his BBC Radio One shows in a regular spot shortly after the 5.30 news on Saturday afternoons, to follow a similar run through the ‘Astrology Songs’ album of Harvey Sid Fisher.

Peel continued to broadcast selections from the 1967 LP into the 21st century, usually coupled with more contemporary tracks with similar themes.

"The dozen signs of the Zodiac are ruminated upon during the pseudo-psychedelic Cosmic Sounds. This embarrassingly dated "concept" album was issued in late 1967 on Elektra Records . The recording -- replete with equally absurd cover art -- helped usher in the "age of Aquarius." Judging by the astrological psycho babble in these grooves, it may too have been the age of excess. But what should one expect from an album whose caveat reads "Must Be Played In The Dark"? Cosmic Sounds narrator Cyrus Faryar's other credits include proficiencies as a bouzouki player, bassist, guitarist, and sometimes vocalist for a plethora of diverse artists, namely Dave Guard & the Whiskeyhill Singers and the Modern Folk Quartet, as well as guest spots on albums by Mama Cass Elliot, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Buffalo Springfield, Fred Neil, and even the Firesign Theatre. Faryar animates Jacques Wilson's suitably antiquated '60s hippie prose, depicting the various characteristics unique to the 12 respective zodiac insignias. Backing Faryar's narration is a loosely corralled and completely unnamed aggregate of L.A. session all-stars and Wrecking Crew regulars: Carol Kaye (bass), Hal Blaine (drums), Bud Shank (bass flute), and Emil Richards (percussion) -- who often performs several different instruments during the same song. Along with some heavy-handed contributions from Moog synth guru Paul Beaver, the band churn out a series of non-descript ersatz rock melodies -- the likes of which might have been as incidental fodder for an episode of Dragnet or from any of the late-'60s hippie/biker flicks such as Psych-Out or Hells Angels on Wheels. The cinematic style comes via the talents of Juliard-trained pop composer/arranger/conductor Mort Garson -- who may be best remembered for his collaborations with Doris Day, Glen Campbell, Rod McKuen, and Mel Tormé. Pretensions aside, Cosmic Sounds is a definitive timepiece and nostalgic relic reflecting the heavy marketability in the so-called "counterculture" youth movement of the late '60s. Taken at face value, it righteously succeeds." - Lindsay Planer, All Music



Track Listing:

Side A
1. Aries-The Fire-Fighter
2. Taurus-The Voluptuary
3. Gemini-The Cool Eye
4. Cancer-The Moon Child
5. Leo-The Lord of Lights
6. Virgo-The Perpetual Perfectionist

Side B
1. Libra-The Flower Child
2. Scorpio-The Passionate Hero
3. Sagittarius-The Versatile Daredevil
4. Capricorn-The Uncapricious Climber
5. Aquarius-The Lover of Life
6. Pisces-The Peace Piper









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