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Tori Amos Little Earthquakes LP 180 Gram Vinyl Half-Speed Master Cut at Abbey Road Atlantic 2015 EU

Artist: Tori Amos
Title: Little Earthquakes
Catalog Number: 081227968304
Label: Atlantic
Reissued by: Atlantic
Barcode: 081227968304
Original release year: 1991
Reissue year: 2015
Number of discs: 1
Revolutions per minute: 33⅓ rpm
Disc size: 12"
Vinyl Weight Grade: 180gr
Total Item Weight: 290gr
Pressing country: EU
For Market Release in: EU
Added to catalog on: May 16, 2015
Note: Limited Eligibility for Discounts


Unit Price: 19,59 €

Reference: ATL33304JK

Availability: In Stock & Ready to Ship

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With a significant and loyal following from the pop-rock and alternative regions of the music world, Tori Amos has influenced generations of artists from different areas in many ways. Her breakout came in the form of her stylistically diverse, remarkably innovative, and intensely personal debut, Little Earthquakes which was originally released on Atlantic in 1991.



  • 180 Gram Vinyl
  • Half Speed Master by Miles Showell
  • Cut at Abbey Road Studios
  • Pressed at Optimal Media in Germany
  • New liner notes



Commanding a significant and uniquely loyal audience from the rock, pop, alternative, and under-the-radar regions of the music world, Tori Amos has influenced generations of artists in a myriad of platforms. Her breakout came in the form of her stylistically diverse, remarkably innovative, and intensely personal debut, Little Earthquakes which was originally released on Atlantic in early-1992.

Little Earthquakes produced a treasure trove of singles including "Me And A Gun," "Silent All These Years," "China," "Winter" and "Crucify" - earning platinum certification in the US and selling over 2 million copies worldwide. Regarded as the most accessible release of Amos' eclectic career, the emotionally intense 12-song set hasn't lost any of its deep-rooted potency over 20 plus years later.

"Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes...felt like the quintessential debut album. A real document of someone's life. With songs about her mother, father, sex, religion, abuse and mental illness, it stood and shook as a monument to a life lived. Here was a woman taking stock of all her experiences to date and expressing them in the most magical, yet visceral, way possible...She would never top Little Earthquakes but she didn't need to. It's a monumental confessional masterpiece." - Priya Elan, NME

Despite the disappointing reaction to Y Kant Tori Read (former music group), Tori Amos still had to comply with her six-record contract with Atlantic Records, who in 1989 wanted a new record by March 1990. The initial recordings were declined by the label, which Amos felt was because the album had not been properly presented. The album was reworked and expanded under the guidance of Doug Morris and the musical talents of Steve Caton, Eric Rosse, Will MacGregor, Carlo Nuccio, and Dan Nebenzal, resulting in Little Earthquakes, an album recounting her religious upbringing, sexual awakening, struggle to establish her identity, and sexual assault. This album became her commercial and artistic breakthrough.

Little Earthquakes was released in the UK on January 13th, 1992 and in the US in early February. The album was preceded by two singles, Me And A Gun in October 1991 and Silent All These Years in November. Little Earthquakes produced a treasure trove of singles as well as covers, remixes, and live cuts. Little Earthquakes reached platinum record status in the US, and has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

"A classically trained pianist and songwriter, Tori Amos has spent... years challenging expectations and the very concept of 'mainstream-friendly.' As an icon of the '90s alternative boom, she sang openly about religion, rape and the steamy underbelly of femininity, mounting her piano bench like so many rock stars straddled their guitars. In the process, she has sold 8.4 million albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan, inspired a legion of loyal fans and reclaimed the piano as an instrument of resistance." - Billboard

"With her haunting solo debut Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos carved the template for the female singer/songwriter movement of the '90s... Amos' musings on major personal issues -- religion, relationships, gender, childhood -- were just as likely to encompass rage, sarcasm, and defiant independence as pain or tenderness; sometimes, it all happened in the same song... Amos draws strength from her relentless vulnerability, and that's why the constantly shifting emotions of the material never seem illogical -- Amos simply delights in the frankness of her own responses, whatever they might be... Little Earthquakes is the most accessible work in Amos' catalog, and it's also the most influential and rewarding." - Steve Huey, All Music

"Tori Amos's songs are smart, melodic and dramatic; the deeper you listen, the hotter they get. Amos shares common ground with artfolk songstresses like Kate Bush and Jane Siberry, but while they often deal in abstruse, poetic terms, Amos has a tendency to cut to the quick, to face facts, to call a rape a rape. Little Earthquakes is an often pretty, subtly progressive song cycle that reflects darkly on sexual alienation and personal struggles. Aiming for a delicate balance between the earthy and the ethereal, Amos shifts from a whispering coyness to full-throated earnestness..." - Josef Woodard, Rolling Stone



Track Listing:

01. Crucify
02. Girl
03. Silent All These Years
04. Precious Things
05. Winter
06. Happy Phantom
07. China
08. Leather
09. Mother
10. Tear In Your Hand
11. Me And A Gun
12. Little Earthquakes






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