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Van Morrison His Band And The Street Choir LP 180g Vinyl Kevin Gray Acoustech Warner Records EU

Van Morrison His Band And The Street Choir LP 180g Vinyl Kevin Gray Acoustech Warner Records EU Maximize
Artist: Van Morrison
Title: His Band And The Street Choir
Catalog Number: 8122799069 / R1 1884
Label: Warner
Reissued by: Warner
Barcode: 0081227950385
Original release year: 1970
Reissue year: 2015
Number of discs: 1
Revolutions per minute: 33⅓ rpm
Disc size: 12"
Vinyl Weight Grade: 180gr
Total Item Weight: 335gr
Pressing country: EU
For Market Release in: EU
Added to catalog on: September 13, 2020
Note: Never eligible for any further discounts
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Reference: WR330385GF

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Van Morrison has a reputation for being at once stubborn, idiosyncratic, and sublime. Featuring his characteristic growl, a mix of folk, blues, soul, jazz, gospel, and Celtic influences, Morrison is widely considered by many rock historians to be one of the most unusual and influential vocalists in the history of rock and roll. All analog remaster cut on 180 Gram Vinyl by Kevin Gray.



Stereophile Magazine Record to Die For

  • 180 Gram Vinyl
  • Cut from Original Master Tapes
  • All Analog Mastering by Kevin Gray
  • Mastered at AcousTech
  • Gatefold Cover



Van Morrison's 1970 release "His Band and The Street Choir" had a more relaxed sound than its predecessor "Moondance." This release was just one of many critically acclaimed releases for the equal parts blue-eyed soul shouter and wild eyed poet sorcerer.

"Once the needle drops, it's as if the music is being piped in from the heavens. Vocals are lifelike, levels non-fatiguing, and instruments richly detailed." - Bob Gendron, The Absolute Sound

Equal parts blue-eyed soul shouter and wild-eyed poet-sorcerer, Van Morrison is among popular music's true innovators, a restless seeker whose incantatory vocals and alchemical fusion of R&B, jazz, blues and Celtic folk produced perhaps the most spiritually transcendent body of work in the rock & roll canon. While a notoriously difficult and eccentric figure whose steadfast rejection of commercial trends and industry fashions kept him absent from the pop charts for decades at a stretch, Morrison nevertheless enjoyed a massive cult following that grew exponentially throughout the course of his lengthy and prolific career. Subject only to the whims of his own muse, his recordings cover extraordinary stylistic ground yet retain a consistency and purity virtually unmatched among his contemporaries, connected by the mythic power of his singular musical vision and his incendiary vocal delivery: spiraling repetitions of wails and whispers that bypass the confines of language to articulate emotional truths far beyond the scope of literal meaning.



Track Listing:


01. Domino
02. Crazy Face
03. Give Me A Kiss
04. I've Been Working
05. Call Me up In Dreamland
06. I'll Be Your Lover, Too
07. Blue Money
08. Virgo Clowns
09. Gypsy Queen
10. Sweet Jannie
11. If I Ever Needed Someone
12. Street Choir


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