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Judee Sill Judee Sill 2LP 45rpm 180 Gram Vinyl Kevin Gray Asylum Intervention Records RTI 2017 USA

Artist: Judee Sill
Title: Judee Sill
Catalog Number: IR-016
Label: Asylum Records
Reissued by: Intervention Records
Barcode: 707129301406
Original release year: 1971
Reissue year: 2017
Number of discs: 2
Revolutions per minute: 45 rpm
Disc size: 12"
Vinyl Weight Grade: 180gr
Limited Edition: Yes
Total Item Weight: 682gr
Pressing country: USA
For Market Release in: USA
Added to catalog on: December 17, 2017
Last modified / Restocked on: March 5, 2024
Collection: ir (Re)Discover Series
Note: Never eligible for any further discounts
Vinyl Gourmet Club: No


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The astonishing Judee Sill was the first artist signed to David Geffen's Asylum Records, and Judee Sill the first album released on the label. Sill's music is intensely spiritual, redolent of mystical and divine imagery, yet grounded by great songwriting and a pure but powerful singing talent. Her songs impart incredible intimacy that is enhanced by her sometimes complex string arrangements.



Rated 9/11 Music and 10/11 Sound by Michael Fremer (Analog Planet)

  • Limited Edition
  • AAA cut from the Original Analog Master Tapes
  • Double 45rpm LP for Extreme Sound Quality
  • Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
  • Plating at RTI, USA
  • 180 Gram Vinyl Pressed at Gotta Groove
  • Gatefold Cover by Stoughton Printing



"So you have a long forgotten gem (though an album still revered a friend tells me by many of today's top young L.A. area talents), engineered by the great Henry Lewy, superbly reissued on double 45 rpm vinyl cut from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray and Tip-On gatefold jacket packaged too... When you look at who was involved in producing, arranging, recording and releasing this album it was a 100% "can't miss". That's part of the cult of Judee Sill. By the way, originals regularly go for more than the cost of this Intervention reissue and they do not sound as good." - Michael Fremer, Analog Planet, 9/11 Music, 10/11 Sound!

Sill's life was tragic personally and professionally. Her father and brother were killed when Sill was young, and her tempestuous relationship with her alcoholic (and remarried) mother resulted in her leaving home at 15. She committed robberies and began a battle she was destined to lose against drug addiction. When stardom didn't follow the critical acclaim of her first two albums her career never recovered. Sill was dead from a drug overdose in 1979 at just 35.

The brevity of Judee's musical legacy is outweighed by the emotional power and weight of her first two extraordinary albums, Judee Sill & Heart Food. AAA mastered directly from the original analog master tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, the master tapes are in beautiful shape, and listeners will be blown away by the revelatory inner detail and three-dimensionality retrieved from these achingly gorgeous recordings. This Intervention reissue represents THE definitive listening experience for this classic album! The original LP art has been beautifully restored by IR's Tom Vadakan and the old-style, "tip-on, brown-in" gatefold jackets are printed by Stoughton.

"Judee Sill's debut album (as well as the debut of the Asylum label) heralded a major new talent in the airy, contemporary folk world of the early '70s. The album employed the production skills of Sill's ex-husband Bob Harris, as well as ex-Turtle, ex-Leaves Jim Pons, and Graham Nash (on the album's sole single, "Jesus Was s Crossmaker"). Judee Sill featured all original compositions, many of which relied on Sill's own brand of cosmological Christian imagery to make their point. By turns spare and lavishly orchestrated, there is still a cohesive feel to all of the album; her lyrics are exceptionally poetic (to the point of being almost flowery) and her voice is smooth enough to bear heavy overdubbing with itself, giving every song a shimmery feel. The essence of the music is folk, the execution pop: the songs feel like a comfort blanket, a statement of hope from a troubled soul." - Alex Stimmel, All Music




Judee Sill, guitar, piano, vocals
Clydie King, Rita Coolidge, Venetta Fields, background vocals
Don Bagley, Bob Harris, orchestration
David Crosby, guitar
Graham Nash, organ, production "Jesus Was A Cross Maker"


Track Listing:

Side A
1. Crayon Angels
2. The Phantom Cowboy
3. The Archetypal Man

Side B
1. The Lamb Ran Away With The Crown
2. Lady-O
3. Jesus Was A Cross Maker

Side C
1. Ridge Rider
2. My Man On Love

Side D
1. Lopin' Along Thru The Cosmos
2. Enchanted Sky Machines
3. Abracadabra


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