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(starting in 2019 this service is suspended)


Professional Record Cleaning is an optional service provided by Vinyl Gourmet (this service includes the Expert Packaging option)


Professional wet cleaning vinyl LP's using the right method with a good fluid/vacuum type Record Cleaning Machine (RCM) and the right cleaning fluids, is one of the best upgrades you can make to take the best sound from your records with minimal noise interference. Not only your records will sound better but also the lifespan and integrity of the stylus on the cartridge of your turntable will increase dramatically reducing wear because tracking a clean groove offers a much easier challenge to the stylus tip. We recommend that all records, old or new, are cleaned to obtain the best possible sound and achieve maximum longevity to records and equipment. Because many customers don't have the equipment or the time to do this themselves, we at Vinyl Gourmet decided to offer this service as an option to our customers and for the records bought in our store.

(for details about cleaning service for records you already own, please check our Vinyl Clinic Service)


Why should new vinyl records be cleaned?


Even new vinyl records should be cleaned if you want to extract the full potential from vinyl playback and keep your turntable in perfect condition for a long time. During the production of vinyl records mold release compounds are often used, these can and will leave residues on the LP surfaces and deep in the grooves that are usually invisible to the naked eye but certainly not for the stylus tip. The manufacturing process itself can leave tiny vinyl material leftovers after pressing and cutting the edge of the records, and these tiny bits can often be found on new records. Also, during the packaging stage or moving around the factory, with the records being handled by people or machines can cause dirt or debris to find its way to the records surface, often originating from the storage and manipulation of packaging materials like paper or cardboard and other elements while the records are still exposed to external factors in that environment. Close inspection (visual and playback) of most new records today from all labels and at all price points often reveals small amounts of dust, debris particles and minor handling marks that result from the production process itself as described above and are often unavoidable.


Our cleaning method... the Vinyl Gourmet way!


From all professional and amateur cleaning methods that we tried, we believe that Wet Cleaning with a RCM is still the most effective and thorough method to clean records, providing the best tested results for high quality sound reproduction. To make it a true Gourmet experience only the very best is enough.

We use distilled reverse osmosis purified water (pharmaceutical and medical grade) for residue free rinsing, L'Art Du Son alcohol free antistatic cleaning fluid created by Loricraft Audio, Clearaudio and Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab microfiber brushes and a Milty ZeroStat antistatic gun using a simple but extremely effective Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine made in Germany.

On our three step cleaning process we start by softly dry brushing the record to remove any larger particles from the surface, then we do a quick pass with purified water for the initial vacuum, followed by a longer pass with L'Art Du Son fluid that we spread softly with a brush and leave to settle in for a couple of minutes to allow it to work and release every tiny bit of dust that is sucked out on this second vacuum operation, and finally we do a final rinse and vacuum again with purifed water to remove any residue from the cleaning process. The record is then zapped with the ZeroStat gun and inserted in a brand new polylined heavy paper Inner Sleeve for protection (and a new Outer Sleeve, both included with the service) and it arrives at your door perfectly clean and ready to play without any further delays or worrying about it at all, just enjoy the music with wondefull analog sound! The true Vinyl Gourmet experience!



More information and special notes:


- The Professional Record Cleaning service is optional and paid for each disc unit.
  (8,00 € Euro each including new inner and outer sleeves)


- This service and all other Vinyl Gourmet services might not be available at all times, for example if we have already too may orders with service requests and are not able to fulfill all of them as fast as we should and with the same quality and dedication as always. If during Checkout this service is not available to be selected on Step 4 "Vinyl Gourmet Services, Extras and Shipping Options", it means the service has been temporarily disabled and cannot be added to your order at that time.


- The Professional Record Cleaning service includes all features from the Vinyl Gourmet Expert Packaging service.




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